Forest Fun Friday

It’s a great way to finish the week and because we are now meeting at Hope Primary School, we haven’t as far to walk to our sites, which means we get there sooner! More time to play!!

We have played at the Mud Kitchen for our first two sessions of the term, taking advantage of the rainfall this week, which has filled up the water butt for us.

Before we started, the older children filled in our new recruits with the rules for Forest Fun that we all have to follow to keep everyone safe. Then the children spent time creating some delicious messy meals, mixing soil, sand, water and foraged tasty treats from the mud k. environment! We have talked about what we can/can’t eat I hasten to add!



We found some blackberries on our way last week. Nearly all the children wanted to taste one! Perhaps we’ll be having blackberry jam on our sandwiches next week…