What’s been happening?

Mince pie, anyone?
Mince pie, anyone?

We enjoyed a little bit of snow on Friday 13th, but it wasn’t unlucky because we had a super time out at the Mud Kitchen (despite getting a little chilly.) Before we left the school playground, we built a snow person, then tramped through the slushy snow down to the mud k. We had to be a bit more careful than usual so we didn’t slip down the hill but it was good practice in how to walk in different conditions! Then some of us built models with the snow; someone made mince pies, some of us mixed different party food and we did quite a lot of singing!


Last week the Wednesday bakers practiced cutting up different fruits then arranged them on a plate to make a picture or pattern. Some children made face pictures. Then-the best bit!-they got to eat up their pictures.

We have been enjoying the story of Snow White. Last Friday we had a 7 dwarves morning in the woods. We took spades so we could dig for treasure and talked about different types of treasure. We sang the Hi Ho song and looked for the dwarves’ cottage in the woods. At Preschool, we talked about the different characters and dressed up to pretend to be them. One of us was particularly good at making an evil queen face! We also did lots of counting because the 7 dwarves had 7 beds, 7 mugs, 7 spades, etc.

The children are enjoying practicing ball skills: rolling, throwing, catching, kicking, blocking the ball, etc. We are practicing these on our own and with a partner. Many of the children are becoming good at co-operating and sharing, taking turns and working with others.