Activities to improve hand/finger control

IMGP2043 (2)This week we have been practising small-motor movements. The children have really enjoyed the activities on offer!

IMGP2063 (2)We now have a table where we concentrate on manipulative play. This week we have provided alligator tweezers to grip and control in order to pick up pasta pieces and coloured beads, that can then be transferred into different containers.

Craft activities have included bending and shaping pieces of pipe cleaner, scrunching and twisting pieces of tissue paper, cutting scraps of foiled paper and manipulating scissors, glue spreaders and glue sticks.

The older children have been experiencing the “Dough Disco”! Each child has a piece of play dough in their hands. They are shown how to manipulate the dough in different ways using their hands and individual fingers, e.g. squeezing, rolling and prodding with each finger in turn. It only takes a few minutes each morning and we are already seeing improvements in the children’s control of the dough. The aim is to help each child to strengthen their fingers and hands and to help them to improve their control of different tools, in particular scribing implements like pencils. All this is done to disco music!

Our latest song is Tommy Thumb. Check out our Songs page for the words.