Winter Forest Fun

What's new at the river?
What’s new at the river?

As long as you are wrapped up warm there’s lots of fun to be had out and about even in wintry February.

"Look I've found some more footprints!"
“Look I’ve found some more footprints!”

We found squirrel and bird footprints, so the animals don’t let the weather stop them either.

After doing some “snow stamping”, like Marshmallow in Frozen, we travelled “round and round the garden, like a teddy bear” at the cemetery and managed to spot daffodils starting to grow and snowdrops in bloom.

IMGP2147There was enough snow to make white chocolate cake at the mud kitchen, especially for Judith’s birthday (it’s not really!) Apparently I needed “lots of candles”!

Picnicing in the Mud Kitchen is ideal, under the shelter, then some more playing afterwards!