All Hope Pre-school’s Policies and Procedures are up-dated regularly and are available to view upon request.

Hope Preschool Holidays from September 2021 to July 2022

Holiday                  Pre-school re-opens on:          Close after session on:

Autumn                                                                     Monday 6th Sept 2021

Mid term                 Friday 22nd Oct                         Mon 1st Nov

Christmas                Wednesday 22nd Dec              Mon 10th Jan 2022

Mid term                  Fri 18th Feb                               Mon 28th Feb

Easter                       Fri 8th April                               Mon 25th April

May Day                   Closed on Monday 2nd May

Mid term                  Fri 27th May                             Tues 7th June

Summer                   Thurs 21st July

N.B. INSET days have been included.

(2.09.2021, 3.09.2021, 23.12.2021, 6.06.2022, and 22.07.2022)



The Five Golden Rules

Some parents have shown an interest in our Pre-School GOLDEN RULES.

The rules we follow at Pre-School are simple and easy for all the children to understand:-

1. Listening ears

2. Quiet voices

3. Kind hands

4. Walking feet

5. Caring and sharing

We talk about these rules at Pre-School in a positive way, saying what we would like the children to do, rather than what we don’t want them to do. For example:
“Use your walking feet”, rather than “don’t run”.
“We need to have quiet voices”, rather than “stop shouting”.
By putting an emphasis on positive behaviour, we have found that this is generally what the children seek to emulate.


Safeguarding Information

Info and links.

Keeping Children Safe in Education

What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused

Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Board


Please consult with the manager/deputy for our procedures regarding administering medicines.


Clothes and Uniform

Hope Preschool uniform is optional. Sweatshirts and polo shirts with the preschool logo can be bought from Preschool.

Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.  We aim to go outside every day, even when it is cold and rainy, so please ensure that they bring a warm, waterproof coat, hat and gloves in the less summery months.  During warmer weather please make sure your child comes to school with sunscreen applied and that they bring a sun hat.

If your child attends Forest Fun then please make sure they are wearing warm, waterproof clothes and suitable footwear (wellies or boots).

Please mark all your child’s clothing with their name!

Personal Care

We will change wet or soiled nappies for the younger children.  Please send them to school with at least one spare nappy.  If your child uses washable/reusable nappies then please also pack a nappy bag or empty plastic bag.

Drop Off and Pick Up

We open the doors at 9:15 am when you can drop your child off.  We cannot accept children before this time since we are busy setting up for the day and due to our insurance cover.

Pickup is at 12:15 pm, or 3.15 pm on full days.  Please ensure that you arrive promptly since we need to be clearing away to vacate the hall.  If you are unavoidably delayed then please phone us.

Children should be picked up by one of their parents/main carers or another nominated adult.  Please tell the staff on the day who will be collecting your child if it’s someone other than their parent/main carer.  We operate a “password” system for people other than the main carers to collect your child.

Please respect these simple rules as it enables us to keep all the children safe and secure.


Parking is limited at Loxley Hall.  Please park carefully and respectfully taking care of children and parents crossing the road.  Don’t double park, park in front of the gates or park in the disabled parking space (unless you are a “Blue Badge” holder).

On Fridays, please don’t park on the church car park as this is needed for people attending mobility

sessions at The Old School.