Pre-school Day


Morning Sessions

9:15 am Welcome and Free Choice

The children hang up their coats independently and are welcomed by the staff. They put their name label on the registration tree to show they are present! Free-play time follows, where each child chooses what they would like to do from a wide range of activities on offer. These usually include role-play, mark-making, art and craft, games and puzzles, small world play, manipulative play, construction and Book Corner. The children are encouraged to access toys for themselves. We also provide a large physical play area for the practice of large motor skills.

The staff are on-hand at all times to support and extend play and to teach new skills when appropriate. They will observe the children to pick up on any current areas of interest and note individual children’s progress.

All the children are encouraged to share and look after our toys carefully, everyone helps to put things away at Tidy-up Time.

10:05-10:55 Snack (Rolling snack – children go for snack when they choose to, between these times.)

The children move their name label to the dinner plate to show they are having snack. After toileting and hand washing, the children collect their cup and sit at the snack table. All the children pour their own drinks, either milk or water, with assistance if needed. We encourage the use of good manners.

The children choose from a selection of healthy snack foods. Often, we enjoy a snack that they have helped to prepare!

Sometimes we have a taste of different cultures, such as Chinese-inspired food during Chinese New Year or Indian snacks at Diwali. If it is someone’s birthday, we celebrate with a cake and sing Happy Birthday!

resized00611:00 Circle Time

It’s time to say a proper “Hello” to each other, chat about interests and discuss future events. Circle Time is an excellent time to learn listening skills. We also practise our counting skills and join in with rhymes and singing. The children are encouraged to learn about numbers, days of the week, shapes and colours and the seasons in a fun and memorable way. We often role-play the story of the weekly song. It’s also time to think about early language and literacy skills such as phonics, rhyme, rhythm and alliteration.

11:10 Outdoor Play

Outdoor activities include sand pit, water play, ride-on cars, balance beams, digging in the soil, tool bench and tool boxes, guttering and small cars, small apparatus (bean bags, bats, balls, stilts, skittles, etc.), large building blocks, easels, pegging on the washing line, hopscotch, or simply a run around! Cooperative games are encouraged, as well as sharing and turn-taking.

11:45 Action Time

We get together to stretch our muscles and raise our pulses in some joint exercise. Activities will vary over the year but can include: action songs, moving our bodies in different ways, making imaginative movements which are often inspired by music, dancing, physical games and learning to control a parachute as a team!

resized01412:00 Story

Time to relax and enjoy stories or songs together at the end of a busy session! We may share a book or have an oral story, often with props to enhance the experience. The children can be seen re-telling the story in their own way at a later date, using the props provided. Stories are chosen carefully to suit the age or abilities of the children in the group and to reflect current interests and themes.

12:15 p.m. Home-time

The children are released safely one-by-one to their grown-ups. The staff are available, if required, to discuss outcomes of the session.

Mondays and Thursdays run as Full Day sessions for those who require them.

FULL DAYS information

Morning sessions follow the same routine as we have some children attending for the morning only.

Children staying for the full day need to bring their own packed lunch, including a drink. These are stored in a cool place until lunchtime. Please remind your child that they will be staying for lunch on the relevant days and for activities in the afternoon.

After the morning children have been collected by their adults at 12.15, children staying for the afternoon go to the toilet and wash their hands. then return to the Firth Room to enjoy their packed lunch.

Monday Afternoon

This is generally an out afternoon (weather permitting.) The children need to bring waterproof coats/ suits, boots and hats and gloves during the colder months.

The emphasis is on outdoor learning and physical activity.

Monday afternoon routineIMGP2030

12.20  Toileting

12.25-1.15  Lunch and Book Corner

1.15  Toilet and dressing to go out

1.30  Outdoor walk and activities.

Return, drink and story.

3.15  Home time


There are a number of facilities available in Hope village which we will make use of over the year: the churchyard, the bridge over the river, the playing field and playground, Hope Primary School outdoor play areas and field, Hope Pre-school’s Mud Kitchen, village or footpath walks. As we have limited staff, we will train the children to gradually travel further afield. Volunteer helpers are very much appreciated!

We may take a snack out with us of fruit and a drink of milk or water. The children enjoy all that our local environment has to offer and learn lots about the world.

Thursday afternoon is our Arts afternoon.

We set up extra activities in setting which are Arts and Crafts, Role play, Music, Dance, Food art or Baking inspired. These may take place outside in warmer weather but if not we fit in some outdoor play time to get some fresh air.

Thursday afternoon RoutineIMGP3865

12.20- Toileting

12.25-1.15 Lunch and Quiet play

1.15-1.55  Arts and Crafts Activities

1.55-2.15 Free choice activities

2.15-2.50 Outdoor Play (including drink)

2.50- Tidy Up

3.00-Music Time

3.15-Home Time

A quieter rest area can be situated in the Book Corner for children to take a nap if they need one, with blankets and cushions.

During the Pre-school day, fresh drinking water is always available for the children.