Animal Week (1st-5th February)

IMGP0588 (2)
Harry’s guinea pig Merv.
IMGP0601 (2)
Bea’s cat Henry.

What a great week! We had a number of different pets visiting, thanks to all those parents/staff who took the trouble to bring them in. We still have one or two to come on Monday.

IMGP0620 (3)
Islay’s dog Ally.
IMGP0567 (2)
Don’s puppy Stan.
IMGP0607 (2)
Poppy’s Chameleon Mort.



IMGP0592 (2)
Ada’s pets, Tilly (dog) and Chip (cat).


IMGP0572 (2)
Ben’s dog Sparky.
Joshua’s hamster Mudgie.

See our new Songs page for the words to this week’s song: Tom Farmer!

IMGP0632 (2)

IMGP0644 (3)