Chinese New Year

This week (8th-12th Feb) we have been learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated. The children tasted rice, noodles, prawn crackers and different sauces. They had fun eating the noodles as you can see from the photos!

IMGP0668 (2)

Some of the children were brave enough to try using chop sticks to eat their rice!

We also had a go at “dragon dancing”. This was quite difficult as they children had to hold, control and make the dragon dance in time with the music.
IMGP0623 (2)
IMGP0680 (2)

It is the “Year of the Monkey”. We have plenty of monkeys at Pre-School (!) so we have been singing 10 Little Monkeys this week. Thanks to all those parents who sent extra monkeys in (you know who you are…)
IMGP0685 (2)