Happy Easter!

The children have been exploring and hunting for different things in the run up to the Easter holiday. Everybody enjoys a challenge!

IMGP0801 (2)We walked across to the churchyard of St. Peter’s church and met with Reverend Josephine who showed us features of the church. Then we went on to explore the churchyard, hunting for daffodils. We talked about the different parts of the flower: bud,petals, stem, leaves, pollen. The children also enjoyed spotting the gargoyles!


At Forest Fun we experienced a chick hunt. The children worked together in groups of three to find 11 chicks, they then took turns to count them to check they had the right number and put some back if there were too many.





Then finally, we had an egg hunt out in the yard at Loxley Hall. The children had 80 eggs to find altogether! They all helped, looking along the ground, in the wall, under the cones…