Pirates in the Woods!

We’ve been having a smashing time playing pirates in the woods! IMGP0978 (2)First we used the sea creatures along Green Drive as stepping stones to cross the raging ocean. Then we built a pirate ship with branches and string. We added our Jolly Rodger flags!


Our pirate story was The Pirate Cruncher, where all the pirates get eaten by a clever sea monster.

The children cooked the ships’ dinner in the mud kitchen. Obviously fish was on the menu!

We ate in the galley. Real food this time!

Look-outs spied land from the crow’s nest, using their telescopes of course and we used our fishing rods to catch fish (it’s amazing what sticks can be!)

On the way back we sang our Pirate Song. Please look on our songs page for the words. The children should know the tune by now!


IMGP0973 (2)
Some of us played a game of “Crosses”. We made the pieces from flat pebbles.
IMGP0976 (2)
Don reading The Pirate Cruncher.