Forest Fun in September 2016 information



From September Forest Fun will take place on Friday mornings, whatever the weather!

We will meet at Hope Primary School, in the School playground, and continue from there to the woods via Green Drive. On alternate weeks we will go to the Mud Kitchen at Hope Primary Conservation Area.

The children need to arrive at 9.15 prompt, dressed and ready to leave as we will leave at 9.20 to make the most of our time. Please ring or text us if you are running late. Please don’t bring bags as we have everything we need, including changes of clothes, in our trolley.

It is important that the children are dressed suitably for the morning. Waterproof coats and trousers or all-in-one suits are best with waterproof boots as a general rule. When the weather becomes cooler they will need warm socks-perhaps two pairs in the winter, hat and gloves. Woollen gloves are better than thick padded ones because the children need to hold hands with their peers on the walk.

Please make sure they have toileted before arriving. The school toilets can be accessible when you arrive if necessary; in the woods, if they need to go they go to the “wee tree”. Practicing toileting outside during the holidays would be a good idea! In my experience so far, most of the children actually manage all morning at Forest Fun without needing to go.

We have a snack outside during the morning which is usually a piece of fruit and a cheese and a jam sandwich, plus milk or water for the first half term. From October half-term it is hot chocolate season, which we prepare using the Kelly kettle!

We have rules to keep us safe on the walk down and in the woods. We talk about safe road crossing, where to walk on the pavement, not to let go of hands, what to do when a car approaches, etc. In the woods we have fixed boundaries and our three main rules: Don’t pick, Don’t squash, Don’t eat, which all the children are reminded of each week.

We will stay out all morning, so please don’t send your child if they are ill.

In extreme weather conditions-such as high winds or torrential rain-we will shelter at Hope Primary School.

Your child will be ready for you to collect at Hope Primary School at 12.15.