Fun with gloop and other things..

imgp1514Most of the children enjoy messy play so we mixed up some gloop last week. It’s a simple mixture of cornflour and water. It’s more fun to add some colour, so we ended up with purple.

It’s great for practicing making shapes with your finger or using a scribing tool.

imgp1530Last Monday we all went on the bus to Castleton to play at the primary school and have our lunch.

The children were very good at listening to instructions on the way there. They are learning how to keep safe crossing the road and walking on the pavement. We walked to the school and then back to the village hall.

Luckily we had some parents to help us on the way.  Thank you! You know who you are..

Most of us were very good at eating our dinner. The food was tasty and we had the Castleton school children helping us with our trays and even cutting up our food!

At Forest Fun recently, we have been finding seeds from many different trees, including acorns, beech nuts,  and sycamore seeds. We compared acorns to see who had found the biggest/tiniest ones! We have noticed that the leaves are beginning to change colour.

We have had beautiful weather so far on Friday mornings. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for it to continue! The last two weeks we have explored the woods and played on the balance logs, the rope imgp1563-2swings, in the den, on the bridge. We didn’t spot any trolls lurking underneath!