Forest Fun magic

imgp1922-2The children have been making spells in our “cauldron” in the woods.

First, we need to fill the cauldron with all manner of ingredients. Then we need to give it a good stir, saying the magic words, which could be “Abracadabra fiddly foo, turn you into a mountain of goo!” After some spell making, it might be time to go on a broomstick ride with our friends.

This week we decided to continue the theme at the Mud Kitchen by each making magic potions in mini cauldrons. We collected interesting ingredients to mix into a potion.

Each child decided what power their magic potion would have. The children thought of lots of amazing ideas, such as turning them into a jet, turning them into a superhero Batman, making them grow and turning them into a fairy!

The children are developing wonderful imaginations as well as extending their language skills.