Space and the planets

Recently, a few of the older children have shown an interest in outer space. This was probably triggered by observing satellite dishes on some of our local houses!

I found some songs about the planets on youtube, which we have enjoyed watching and they have sparked more discussion about the planet names and the information astronomers have supplied about the individual planets.

Mars, with meteorites!
Mars, with meteorites!

We have listened to Jupiter by Holst, from The Planets Suite. The children used this music as a starting point for imaginative movements; inspiring sword-fighting knights, dinosaurs, trolls and monsters. What imaginations they have! We have talked about music pace (faster and slower), volume and tone (sad-sounding, happy-sounding).

On Thursday afternoon the children painted a planet picture. The younger ones painted huge planet pictures on the easel, practicing their large physical control. The older ones talked about the shape of the planets. We decided they were round, like a ball, the same as a sphere! How could we make a perfect circular shape? Draw around a circle shape, like a plate. We encourage the children to think and solve problems through discussion. One child wanted their planet to be pink. We don’t have pink paint; how do we make it?