Pop-up pictures and improving the Mud Kitchen

On Thursday afternoon this week we have been learning paper-engineering. The children had enjoyed reading the Three Billy Goats Gruff with pop-out pictures. So it seemed a good idea to teach them how to make their own pop-up pictures. They really enjoyed creating a scene, then added different stick-on features, then created pop-up items in the foreground.

On Friday we transported wood chip from the cemetery to our mud kitchen and created a nice new floor. The children used buckets to scoop up the wood chips, filled strong bags then dragged them together up to the mud kitchen. They worked well together to get the job done.

They enjoyed playing with the wood chip afterwards, finding many different uses for it.


IMGP2208Show and Tell brought some interesting items into Preschool this week. Among them were a sheep’s skull, favourite toys and a shark’s tooth!

The children practiced their language skills describing their items, telling us about where they got them and asking and answering questions of their friends.