Easter activities

IMGP2321 (2)The children enjoyed another visit to Watson’s farm to look at the animals, particularly the new baby lambs. They all had the chance to touch a new lamb and to explore the farmyard where there were also pigs and piglets, cows and a bull, tractors and other large implements. It was fun to read the numbers on the sheep and lambs, there to tell which lambs belonged to which mother. The children also noticed how the lambs fed from their mothers and discussed the different food provided for the sheep.

IMGP2329 (2)During the week we all made Easter baskets and painted hard-boiled eggs, kindly donated by Amelie’s dad. I hope the eggs all got home safely! The baskets were filled with eggs that the children managed to find during our Easter egg hunt on the Thursday before we broke up for the holidays. It was a team challenge that they worked together to achieve: finding 70 hidden eggs in our outdoor play area! We counted all the eggs afterwards. The children are working hard to improve their counting skills.

We have also been singing seasonal songs, including Mrs. Bunny, Little Green Frog and 5 Little Speckled Frogs!