Music week

Last week the Preschool children experienced lots of musical activities at Preschool.

IMGP2618 (2)Many of the children love to explore different sounds. They often choose to play with our music basket during free play. We decided to dedicate a week to a variety of musical activities. Luckily, Preschool has a lot of musical friends so we invited a few of them along to play for the children and they also kindly allowed the children to “have a go!”

Heather came on Monday with her guitar and ukelele and played sing-a-long tunes that the children could also dance to. On Tuesday I brought my cornet which I have been learning for a few months now. The children marched along to the piece I played, then had a go at blowing to see if they could get a note. Quite a few could!

IMGP2608 (2)On Thursday a String Trio group came in (Heather, Ben and Hazel) with violin, viola and cello. To our delight they played “Let it Go” and “Under the Sea”. Some very cool dancing emerged along to “Under the Sea”!

During the week, the children were invited to bring in their own instruments to “show and tell”. We had quite a variety, including key board, harmonica and bicycle horn!