What have we been up to?

IMGP2720The children are showing great interest in the mini beasts on display when we go out into the woods. There are abundant snails crawling around, all different sizes. Here the children are holding the snails they found. They are learning to handle the tiny creatures carefully, putting them back where they found them.

Yesterday we discovered some insects that even the grown-ups couldn’t identify at first sight. One of the children described them as “rainbow creatures”, they had such bright orange markings. We have since discovered they were Asian Ladybird larvae!

Ladybird larvae or "Rainbow creature"?
Ladybird larvae or “Rainbow creature”?

Not only have we been cooking at the Mud Kitchen! The children have been baking bread at Pre-school. Every Wednesday we organise a baking activity. The children learn about different ingredients, how to weigh out, methods and changes that occur to food when we cook it. They also have fun eating the finished product!