Snow, pancakes and Chinese New Year

IMGP3225We have had a busy week or two with lots of exciting experiences for the children.

IMGP3218Quite a bit of snow last Sunday evening meant that the children who stay on Monday afternoons were treated to a long play session in the snow in the churchyard. A snow person was built, which everybody had a hand in. The children practised their snow building skills, collecting handfuls and armfuls of snow to “make it bigger and bigger”. Hide and Seek in the snow was a lot of fun, as was forming snow angels by lying on the floor and moving hands and legs. Then we had a daffodil hunt, looking for the new shoots of distinctive leaves rising up.

IMGP3245Activities inspired by Chinese New Year include dragon and ribbon dancing to Chinese music,watching a film about a little boy’s experiences in celebrating Chinese New Year and making a fan or shaker drum.

IMGP3234The British custom of making and eating pancakes was also enjoyed last Tuesday. The children helped to make the batter then enjoyed filling their pancake, rolling it and eating it!