Making the most of the weather in May!

Pouring pink water

We finished last half term with a busy week of varied activities for the children. The weather has been perfect for outdoor play. The children have really been enjoying water play in the yard; learning about capacity by pouring, filling different shaped containers and comparing amounts. We have been regularly watering the potato plants and watching their progress.

Ball skills have been practised, playing catch and Piggy in the Middle.

Ordering lengths


Indoors, we have been learning about different ways of measuring; from measuring time (making clocks with moving fingers,) to comparing weights of a variety of objects. We have compared lengths and heights and found out who has the shortest and longest footprints by drawing around our feet! The children have also built models then measured how tall they are in centimetres.

We compared the height of all the Forest Fun children by lining them up in order, from shortest to tallest!

Who is the tallest/shortest/middle-sized?


Following on from our visit to the fire station in Bradwell, the children have been reinforcing their learning by role playing fire fighters with the fire engine they all helped to make (from a huge cardboard box.) Great fun!

Where’s the fire?
A lovely morning at Hope Primary School.