September and October fun!

Free dance!
Building tunnels.

We’ve had a lovely half term settling back into Pre-school routines after the summer break. The children are keeping very busy with many different activities of their own planning; from building buggies, trucks, aeroplanes, tunnels and houses, etc. from a variety of construction sets; creating marvelous pictures and models from mark making tools and resources; moving rhythmically to a range of different musical tunes and sounds and role playing from their own experiences, to name but a few!

Preparing pizzas.

The children have been learning new songs; from The Big Ship Sails.. and a number of transport-inspired numbers to Cauliflowers Fluffy and Cabbages Green! They have experienced activities inspired by healthy vegetables and fruits (it is Harvest time after all!) such as: paint printing with fruit/veg, picking apples and blackberries and tasting them, counting apples with different groupings, going to visit a vegetable garden, vegetable sticking pictures, painting fruit pictures with brushes, making “Stone Soup” and pizza, preparing and tasting avocado and beetroot, sharing books about vegetables and acting them out together!

Finding out how food is grown.



Next week we will have Halloween-inspired activities. Many of the children are talking about Halloween and how they are looking forward to activities with their own families. We plan to sing and dance to Funny Bones and Halloween Chicka-boom, play in our Witches’ den and dress up, help carve a pumpkin face (using the flesh to bake with!), make pumpkin faces or masks using paper plates and explore rhymes, e.g. cat, hat, bat!

Lovely healthy vegetables at Cheryl’s garden.