It’s Halloween Chick-a-boom!

Pumpkin face!

Some great festive activities have been experienced this week, fueled by

Getting messy…

many of our children’s interest in all things spooky!

We had a witches’ den with cauldron and spell-making resources and suitable dressing-up bits and pieces. The children surprised us by their interest in making ghostly noises, witches’ cackles and imaginative spells, e.g. “Bibbity bobbity Heather’s voice is gone!”

Quite a few of the children enjoyed getting messy exploring jelly and spiders and scooping out pumpkin flesh and seeds! We made use of the seeds by washing them and roasting them into pumpkin seed snacks.

Washing the pumpkin seeds.

We sang and danced to Dem Bones, The Sorcerers Apprentice and Halloween Chicka-Boom!

Spooky masks!

Craft activities included painting and sticking shapes to make a pumpkin face decoration. On Thursday afternoon, the children created spooky masks.


At Forest Fun we had a witches’ mud kitchen. The children worked with a partner to find different “special”potion ingredients to put in their cauldron, such as unusually-patterned leaves or strangely-shaped sticks. We built a “fire” of large sticks and “cooked” the potion. The children crafted a “potion stirring stick,” whittling it with a vegetable peeler (under adult guidance.) We made up magic words to cast our spells. Some spells created hot chocolate, or porridge!

Stirring the cauldron.