Book Week

One of the 12 Dancing Princesses
Buzz and Mr. Bump decorating Buzz’s birthday cake!

We have been celebrating books this week (2-6th March,) to coincide with World Book Day. The children, aged 2-4 years, love looking at books and listening to adults reading; many love to tell their own imaginative stories and to act them out!

We have had Guest Story Time every day; during the week, friends and parents have come into Pre-school to read picture books to the children. The children have also been making books and drawing book characters. On Baking day, the children made gingerbread characters inspired by the famous tale of The Gingerbread Man. Staff have shared favourite books from their own childhood and we have all took part in group imaginative role play based on story ideas.

On Thursday, World Book Day, the children and staff were invited to come to Pre-school dressed as book characters. We had a vast assortment of characters, including Elmer the elephant, Zog the dinosaur, various Disney stars, Mr. Bump, the Big Bad Wolf and Cuddly cow. The staff turned out as Paddington Bear, Tigger, Winnie the Witch, a pirate and Supertato. Great fun for all!