Activities in the Sun

Over the last two weeks we have taken advantage of the lovely sunshine to enjoy lots of outdoor play activities in the fresh air. Please may this kind weather continue!

We have introduced some new resources in the yard to create more variety in our outdoor play. These include a “water wall” which combines funnels, pipes, water wheel and channels on which the children can explore how water behaves when it is manipulated. As you can imagine, this has been a huge hit with it’s combination of messy and investigative elements! The children have experimented with transporting the water, pouring it, watching it’s journey, catching the water and re-channeling the flow. This has promoted discussion and co-operation during their play.


We also have a new small world area in our new planter, kindly donated by Mark Chapman. Each week the area takes on a different scenario: woodland, dinosaur habitat, fairy world, etc. The children have enjoyed inhabiting new worlds of the imagination and re-telling their own experiences in pretend play, either independently or with a friend.

We have re-claimed tyres the children can move around and construct with and large chalk boards on the walls for large scale mark making, which has included super drawings of the sun and the children practising forming the letters from their names.


It has been great to return to Forest Fun activities at the new-improved Conservation site. The group have spent two sessions exploring the new areas which include a digging pit, a concealed den, a fairy home, building blocks, a mini beast home and a huge running space, alongside our lovely mud kitchen of course!

This week we plan to go back into the woods area for even more exciting adventures!