Building Physical skills


Over the last few weeks we have given the children lots of opportunities

Making peg patterns.

to practise both large and small physical skills. There have been mark making opportunities to create pictures, paintings, models and a variety of crafts.

Some children have made super hero capes and story

masks for The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and on STEM Tuesdays they have created books about themselves and pom pom

Making a super hero cape.

drop models. We have built apple boats and bridges out of junk materials. We are getting the children to think, explore, create and make links between their experiences.

On a Thursday afternoon we have learned printing skills; printing with

Hand printing a tree!

vegetables, fingers and hands.

At Forest Fun, the children have transported wood chippings to repair the Mud Kitchen floor and have practised balancing skills on the wooden balance beams.

Making a home for the goats.

The weather has been kind so we have enjoyed lots of outdoor activities.

Working together to transport water.