Seasonal activities

The children have been enjoying some autumnal activities in Pre-school over the week. We made bread (under strict covid safe measures!) to eat with our pumpkin soup. Pumpkins are not just for decoration!

Spooky activities for Halloween included watching a pumpkin being carved and helping to clear out the seeds! We had story time with Room on the Broom and Funny Bones. We danced the Skeleton Dance along to Dem Bones and we made ghost puppets on a stick! The children excitedly told us about dressing up for Halloween.

We enjoyed eating jacket potatoes at snack time last week and we have watched firework displays on the laptop. Some of the children have made chalk and pastel pictures of the fireworks.

The weather has been mild and last Forest Fun Friday we collected different coloured leaves on our walk to the Mud Kitchen. It has been great fun cooking muddy meals with the abundant natural materials collecting there. Piles of beech nuts have appeared, but we have missed the conkers this time!