Christmas Celebrations

The Pre-school children have really enjoyed the traditional Christmas activities in the last week of term, before breaking up for a well-earned

Christmas holiday break. Christmas crafts such as making Christmas cards, decorations and pictures and singing carols and Christmas action songs had everyone involved in the festivities.

At the beginning of the week we all sat down for Christmas dinner, freshly prepared that morning while the children were playing. Crackers were pulled, hats put on and gravy poured. All the children tried the hot festive fayre and there were quite a few clean plates. One even asked for more!

On Thursday it was the Christmas party which all the children attended. The bouncy castle was great and had some of us entertained all day! We had disco lights, music and dancing with the ribbon sticks. The giant bricks were fun and Christmas pictures were created by many. Christmas stories were read to resting children and Santa left us a digital message and a sack of presents in the yard!

The Christmas raffle was drawn and the prizes distributed to the lucky winners. Thanks again to all who contributed to make the raffle a huge success! It paid for Christmas dinner, party and some remaining to put towards next year!


The week finished with a Christmassy Forest Fun. The children dressed

for the occasion, made stick snowflakes/stars and enjoyed hot chocolate made with the kelly kettle.

Here’s to a well-earned break for everyone. A Merry Christmas to all!