All about Birds

To celebrate the annual RSPB Bird Watch and also because some of the children have shown an interest, we have been learning about birds this week. Bird Watch will take place over the final weekend in January. You can take part by watching the birds outside your home if you wish. Just register online and fill in your results!

At Pre-school this week we have bird books, pictures, figures and activities available for the children to explore. At Forest Fun on Friday we listened out for bird song, described bird characteristics and built a giant birds’ nest with sticks and branches. The children balanced on a tree trunk, just like the birds balancing on twigs in the trees!

One of our most worthwhile activities has been making bird feeders to sustain the hungry birds through the winter. It was great fun mixing up seeds, raisins, cheese and lard into a sticky mess and applying this mixture to pine cones which we hung up in our outdoor area. Hopefully

the birds will now come and enjoy them. In the previous week, the Forest Fun children created toilet roll feeders to hang at the conservation site.

Craft activities included decorating bird masks with mixed media and creating flapping-wing bird puppets on sticks. The children have been practising their cutting skills and observing different bird colours and markings to re-produce in their craft. The masks will help us all to pretend to be birds, moving to music next week! We shall use Albatross by

Fleetwood Mac (of course.)

We have listened to stories featuring birds like The Little Red Hen and Mole and Baby Bird. The children were encouraged to identify with feelings and to make their own comments. We also had great fun with the song Five Little Ducks, acting out the plight of mother duck and using counting skills to work out how many ducks were left each time they came back. Next week we plan to enjoy Chicken Licken.