Following an interest in observing snail shells at Forest Fun, we decided to make a temporary snail home at Pre-school. The home was kitted out with turf, leaves, rocks and plant pots, then watered liberally to create a damp, cool, snaily experience. Judith collected some snails on a wet Monday morning and the children helped them to move in. The children were keen to get acquainted with our snail friends, some were particularly excited by them! Nearly all the girls and boys learned how to pick one up carefully and to put it on their hand.



On the second day we found that the snails were eating the dandelion

leaves so we were able to prolong their stay. We collected leaves for them and watered the turf. The snails appeared very lively so they were encouraged to take part in snail racing. It was fun to name the snails and to watch who would reach the finish first!

On Thursday afternoon we returned them to their proper home on Castleton road and said goodbye to our new friends!