Show and Tell!


All the children took part in “Show and Tell.” They were asked to bring an item to Pre-school to show the group and tell us something about it. They were practising their communication and conversational skills and using a variety of vocabulary. Their audience took turns to ask questions or make comments.

The week after we were lucky enough to be visited by some of the children’s parents, to also take part in show and tell! On Monday, Hannah came in to show us how she makes things out of recycled objects. She showed us corks, pebbles and sticks she had found when out on the beach or on walks, and how

to turn them into beautiful Christmas artwork! We watched two corks and some wire transform into Rudolph, and a collection of twigs become a Christmas tree. The children were inspired to think of some ideas for our own Christmas crafts coming up in a few weeks!

Steve visited on Wednesday

to tell us all about being a firefighter. He brought in his full kit to show us, including helmet, jacket and boots. Steve told us about all the different things firefighters do and let us explore his kit. The children enjoyed having a look at his helmet and feeling just how heavy it is!

On Thursday, we had a jam-packed day! In the morning we were visited by Carl, who explained his job as a paramedic. He brought his first aid kit to show us, full of plasters, medicine, stethoscope and torch, as well as his reflective jackets and helmet. Lots of the children had fun dressing up as a paramedic in the heavy jacket, protective goggles and helmet.

In the afternoon, we were invited to The Grasshopper Café by Mel and Graham to observe them at work. We were very kindly treated to babyccinos (for the children), tea and hot chocolate (for the grown-ups), as well as three different cakes to try! Mel told us about the different aspects involved working in a café and the children enjoyed talking about what they could see, hear and taste.

We had John teaching us about working with trees and woodwork; he brought lots of tools to demonstrate the many skills required!  And Liz and Jonathon introduced us to their joint hobby: bouldering! The children enjoyed putting chalk on their hands and then crashing onto the safety mat.