Daffodils and Don

We were sorry to say goodbye to Don this morning at Forest Fun. He has helped us to run our Friday mornings for the last 4-5 years and will be very much missed by the children and staff members at Hope Pre-school. We wish him and his family lots of luck in the future!

The newts are about!

At the conservation site yesterday we found a newt. No wonder there are no frog tadpoles in the pond. They’ve probably all been eaten by the hungry newts! The children were fascinated to see the little creature. Everybody had a good look. We made sure we put it back safely afterwards.

Happy Easter!

What could be as much fun as an egg hunt? A chick hunt in the woods!¬† The Forest Fun children could hardly contain their excitement as each team searched for 12 chicks to put in their basket. The children worked together to find the chicks, counting up as they went along to make sure they […] Read More

Animal Week returns!

Once again, we have opened our doors to welcome the animal friends of the children, namely the family pets! This year has featured a number of dogs, cats, a guinea pig, a rabbit, a hen and a lamb. We have all enjoyed learning about how to look after these pets and becoming more understanding of […] Read More

Thank you Hope Construction Materials!

Many thanks to Gary (and friends?) who came to repair the window at the Mud Kitchen which unwanted trespassers had carelessly damaged recently. We are really grateful for Hope Construction Materials’ continued support of the Mud Kitchen shelter, which they generously provided for us two years ago.

Snow is great fun!

It can cause a lot of bother but the children absolutely love playing in the snow! If it is too powdery for building, it is fun to dig, collect and transport. We can observe the shape of individual snow flakes, watch it melt and change form, make footprints and snow angels.

Snow, pancakes and Chinese New Year

We have had a busy week or two with lots of exciting experiences for the children. Quite a bit of snow last Sunday evening meant that the children who stay on Monday afternoons were treated to a long play session in the snow in the churchyard. A snow person was built, which everybody had a […] Read More

Spring term begins

We return after the holidays on Friday 5th January for Forest Fun. Wrap up warm! Meet in Hope Primary School playground at 9.15 a.m.

Christmas activities

The children have been very busy over the last two weeks learning songs and making Christmas surprises for their families to enjoy. On Tuesday 19th December it will be our annual Christmas Party day! We hire the big hall so that we can enjoy large¬†scale play during the morning, including climbing equipment and ride-on toys. […] Read More

Christmas craft morning and a seasonal Mud Kitchen

On Thursday we all went along to Castleton Primary School to take part in a crafts morning put on by the school. The primary school children helped the pre-school children to settle in by taking them around the activities and helping them with the tricky bits! There were lots of different activities to choose from, […] Read More