September and October fun!

We’ve had a lovely half term settling back into Pre-school routines after the summer break. The children are keeping very busy with many different activities of their own planning; from building buggies, trucks, aeroplanes, tunnels and houses, etc. from a variety of construction sets; creating marvelous pictures and models from mark making tools and resources; […] Read More

Autumn Term Begins

The new Pre-school term begins on Wednesday 4th September.  

Super hero day!

On Thursday 4th July we will be spending a morning at Castleton Primary school doing Super hero-themed activities. The children are invited to attend dressed-up as a super hero of their choice or imaginings! Children will be dropped off at Castleton Primary school at 9.15 a.m. Mrs. Lees, the head teacher, is organising themed activities […] Read More

Making the most of the weather in May!

We finished last half term with a busy week of varied activities for the children. The weather has been perfect for outdoor play. The children have really been enjoying water play in the yard; learning about capacity by pouring, filling different shaped containers and comparing amounts. We have been regularly watering the potato plants and […] Read More

Book Week

We aren’t satisfied with just a book day at Hope Pre-school. We had a book week! Each day we had a guest story-teller at Story time, reading different favourite books to the children. The children made their own “concertina” books, drawing pictures and thinking about what was happening on each page, with the adults to […] Read More

Maths with mini beasts

The children worked in a group, supported by an adult, to look for mini beasts. We wanted to find out which one was the most common at the mud kitchen area. First we talked about how to pick up and handle them carefully. The children spent time observing the creatures, identifying them and watching how […] Read More

Chinese New Year celebrations!

We have been learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated. We watched a film about a typical family’s preparations and looked at and talked about photos.┬áThe children were fascinated by dragon and lion dancing and couldn’t wait to have a go themselves! They have helped to re-tell The Twelve Animals story of the naming […] Read More

Brr! It’s cold!

The children have enjoyed learning about animals of polar regions recently. From The Little Polar Bear story to the small world animals; we have looked at photos of narwhals, penguins, humpback whales, etc.; a display has been created using different mark making skills; we have sung and danced The Penguin Dance! There was lots to […] Read More

Welcome back!

Hope Pre-school will re-open after the summer break on Wednesday 5th September. See you all soon!

Hope Carnival Day and picnic night

Thank you to all the children who came to the carnival and went on the Pre-school float. We won a first rosette! Our brilliant volunteer parents put together a magnificent balloon festival inspired float, using artwork created by the children at Pre-school and all the children were given a helium balloon to take home. The […] Read More