Seasonal activities

The children have been enjoying some autumnal activities in Pre-school over the week. We made bread (under strict covid safe measures!) to eat with our pumpkin soup. Pumpkins are not just for decoration! Spooky activities for Halloween included watching a pumpkin being carved and helping to clear out the seeds! We had story time with […] Read More

Building Physical skills

  Over the last few weeks we have given the children lots of opportunities to practise both large and small physical skills. There have been mark making opportunities to create pictures, paintings, models and a variety of crafts. Some children have made super hero capes and story masks for The Three¬†Billy Goats Gruff, and on […] Read More

Activities in the Sun

Over the last two weeks we have taken advantage of the lovely sunshine to enjoy lots of outdoor play activities in the fresh air. Please may this kind weather continue! We have introduced some new resources in the yard to create more variety in our outdoor play. These include a “water wall” which combines funnels, […] Read More

Party day!

The Pre-school children enjoyed a fabulous end of year party! The children came dressed up and played on ride on cars, bikes and scooters, they chased bubbles, had fun with balloons, danced and climbed the climbing frame.We played musical bumps, musical statues and pass the balloon under you legs and over your head! Snack time […] Read More

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Hurray! The rain stopped falling and off we went, with our backpacks on our backs, looking forward to our Wakes Week Teddy Bears’ Picnic. We used the walking rope to walk to the footpath then it was a short distance to the river. Everyone climbed the stile that led to the footpath. We came across […] Read More

Pre-school sports morning

Despite a rainy outlook, we had a super morning on Hope sports field practising running, jumping and throwing events together. The children worked hard to learn the different rules, such as starting on “Go,” keeping going even when knocking a hurdle down, not holding the quoit on your head, working together in a relay team […] Read More

Pet Week

  Pet Week! In w/b 16th March, Pre-school experienced visits from a number of different pets as some of our parents kindly did a “show and tell” with their animal friends.     We had dogs, rabbits, even a friendly snake called Arnie! The children were very excited to meet, touch and hear about the […] Read More

Book Week

We have been celebrating books this week (2-6th March,) to coincide with World Book Day. The children, aged 2-4 years, love looking at books and listening to adults reading; many love to tell their own imaginative stories and to act them out! We have had Guest Story Time every day; during the week, friends and […] Read More

Winner of the Duck Race!

The duck race winner 2019 is Beakwell Tart, sponsored by Tommy, so Tommy and family win our super duck cake!

It’s Halloween Chick-a-boom!

Some great festive activities have been experienced this week, fueled by many of our children’s interest in all things spooky! We had a witches’ den with cauldron and spell-making resources and suitable dressing-up bits and pieces. The children surprised us by their interest in making ghostly noises, witches’ cackles and imaginative spells, e.g. “Bibbity bobbity […] Read More