Train Week! (7th-11th March)

After discovering several of the children have an interest in trains we decided to hold a “train week”! All of the children have learned how to make a 3D model of a train using old cardboard boxes. We learned a new song called This Train ( see youtube for the video)! We looked at a […] Read More

Walking to Cheryl’s Garden

On Monday (29th Feb) we will have another visit to Cheryl Mulvey’s garden on Eccles Close. Cheryl has a lovely vegetable garden and she is very welcoming to the children. Many of you may know Cheryl and be aware that she was once the manager of our Pre-School, a few years ago. Cheryl still likes […] Read More

Jack and the Beanstalk

The children have had fun this week with the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. It is also a good introduction to this term’s theme of “Growing”. On Monday we read the story to them from a story book. On Tuesday we acted out the story in the woods, using the climbing frame as the […] Read More

Pancake Day

What do you do when it’s Pancake Day, but you’re going out to the Mud Kitchen? You make the pancakes outdoors! So, armed with pancake batter in bottles, camping stove and Kelly kettle, we headed off to the mud kitchen with our group of Forest Fun children.

Chinese New Year

This week (8th-12th Feb) we have been learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated. The children tasted rice, noodles, prawn crackers and different sauces. They had fun eating the noodles as you can see from the photos! Some of the children were brave enough to try using chop sticks to eat their rice! We […] Read More

Animal Week (1st-5th February)

What a great week! We had a number of different pets visiting, thanks to all those parents/staff who took the trouble to bring them in. We still have one or two to come on Monday.       See our new Songs page for the words to this week’s song: Tom Farmer!

Upcoming events

Next week (1st-8th Feb)  we are having an “Animal Week”! Each day, two of our parents are bringing in pets/animals to “show and tell”. We have a variety of animals coming in including a puppy, dogs, a cat, a guinea pig, a hamster, a hen and a Shetland pony! The children are really looking forward […] Read More

Welcome to our new web site!

At last, Hope Pre School has its own website!  We’ll try and keep this updated with our latest news, information and what the children have been up to!